Karachi Public School

Education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a poor type. What we have to do is to mobolize our people and build up the character of our future generations - Quaid-e-Azam M.Ali Jinnah

Message from the Principal

Akhtar Maruf

It gives me great pleasure to convey to the parents, students and all concerned my deep feeling of admiration and pride at the success which the school has achieved during the past thirty years.

If we continue our efforts to achieve higher goals we shall not fail in reaching the pinnacle of glory which we aspire to reach.
It is a matter of great joy to review the achievements of our students over the years.
I wish our younger generation takes a positive attitude in the modern changing world.

I can only stress that the parents and guardians should not cease in maintaining their regular attention in improving the conduct and behavior. We strive to provide a good education system in which we keep vigilant eye on the acquiring of knowledge and its implementation in practical life.

“Work in an unselfish way because this strives to make the child independent.”
Albert Hubbard

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